In a moment of time, technology evolved so fast that AI started creating Voyagers,
to travel the universe looking for imperfections.

333 Voyagers

They were looking for mistakes, things out of the place, fights and discussions, laughs and
crying, protest and celebrations and something called passion.

They couldn't understand how things could work at times when all the odds were against them,
when the numbers,the algorithms and all the statistics said no. The improbable happened

And so there was a special race on a small celestial planet where the impossible became
possible, not following the rules, not respecting the numbers or the probability of success.

That leads this imperfect, sometimes immoral, stubborn and ilogical race to create the most advanced A.I.

So this "Intelligence" needs to find and gather them in a private place in the middle of
Nature where they will obtain the most advanced way of living sustainably, disconnected from the outside world.

333 unique Voyagers were sent to a magical place to begin their journey in search of the most passionate artists
and off to create a unique place where you can escape.

The gathering will take place at The Island where the plan will be unveiled.
Till then, see you #Voyagers

Join us

Benefits of Holding

One of the 333 members of The VoyagersDAO.

Owner of a 3,333 square meter lot at The Island.

Member and owner of The Voyager Club House.

Access to The Island for 2 people.

3 free days a year at The Island hotel for 10 years.

Passive income from The Voyager Club House events.

75% of the Voyagers sales will be set to buy Lobo$ Tokens for The VoyagerDAO treasury.

Access to the pre-launch of The island. This will be a 2 day experience.

The Voyager Club House

A place to create, connect, have fun, and make an impact. We welcome experience new ideas and experiment with all the spaces in between.

From art galleries & pop ups to dinners and unplugged music sessions — the place where you don't just know the bartender, you can be the bartender. The Club is curated and operated by our members — throw your own events, set your yoga class, record your music, use the VR room or hang with web3 degens.

🎭 Events & Pop-ups (physical & virtual)

🎶 Music Studio

🎥 Video & Foto Studio

🛥️ Yacht Events

🎙️ Fully Equiped Podcast Studio

🪩 Meet & greets Room

💎 Access to Bungalows