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  • 1,250 hectares at Isla de Lobos = 1,000,000 LOBO$ Tokens
  • 1,000 Voyagers = 1,000,000 LOBO$
  • To buy a Voyager, The 33 need to approve and whitelist the applicant.
  • Once purchased, Voyager is locked for 12 months & after 24 months of staking, the Voyager can claim 1,000 LOBO$.
  • LOBO$ will be required for all commerce & transactions on The Island, such as claiming a land, houses, booking hotels, restaurants & all activities.
  • All funds go to the smart-contract that is released to buy Isla de Lobos in the 6th Halving; if not, the money is returned.
  • All funds are going to be handled by 8 voted members of The 33.
  • The Island DAO LLC is a non profit organization that is legally recognized as a decentralized autonomous organization.
  • The DAO will be 100% share holder of The Island, putting the members of the DAO in charge of the future of The Island.

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